Starting from only $300

Our pre-list consulting services help our clients to address the condition of a property. The consultation is conducted prior to showcasing or listing in preparation for the sale of your home. Your consultation report will include a list of cost-effective recommendations including minor renovations, repairs, any updates (e.g painting, flooring, storage, other) and/or professional cleaning of a property to ensure the best returns. For houses, this will also include an assessment of the exterior and any recommendations to improve curb appeal. We can also then recommend preferred local vendors to complete the work outlined in our recommendations.

Why is a consultation an important part of the process to prepare your home for sale? It’s all about maximizing your investment! A Home Gain survey reports that moderately priced home improvements (ranging from $80 – $2800), made in preparation for sale provided a 349% return on investment.

We highly recommend a consultation prior to the staging of a property, although we can offer Staging as a stand alone service.

For realtors, why not stand out from the competition and offer a consultation report as part of your listing package?