Home Staging – For Sale

Our home staging services ensure that the best features of your property are enhanced, designing with lifestyle, functionality and buyer demographic in mind. Utilizing Certified Staging Professionals techniques, we aim to achieve maximum buyer appeal to help you sell faster and for more.

We partner with owners, Realtors and/or Developers to stage your occupied property (a fully or partially furnished property) or vacant (new build, model home or unoccupied home) in preparation for sale. Our packages include design, project management, furniture and accessory rental, delivery, install, pick-up, storage of owner’s items/furniture (if required) and online marketing of your property.


We offer several staging options for condos, townhomes and houses. Each offering can be fully tailored depending on a client need or budget with no job too big or too small:

  • The Spearhead (Partial) Stage – Staging design utilizing key pieces of an owner’s existing furniture, enhanced with select pieces from Whistler Staging Co and showcasing ready for sale. We can stage the entire home or just select rooms based on need and/or budget.
  • The Eureka (Full) Stage – A home may already be furnished, however sometimes it may be in a client’s best interest to start again from scratch. The Eureka stage would involve refurnishing the entire property, then showcasing ready for sale.
  • The Summit (Light) Stage – Add pizzazz to your property photo shoot with Whistler Staging decor. From throw pillows and rugs to plants and decorative fillers, a light stage is a quick and economical way to style. This option does not include furniture.


We offer three options for vacant properties including condos, townhomes and houses, and we can offer different tiers based on budget and requirements:

  • The Peak (Full) Stage – When a property is completely empty, we will furnish your entire property from the ground up and showcase ready for sale.
  • The Decker (partial) Stage – When clients may have a limited budget, we can offer partial staging services for key areas of a home such as living room, kitchen and master bedroom (and/or other rooms).
  • The Developer’s Stage – We can partner with Developers to stage model/display homes and plan our services according to your project plan.

Our staging services will include project design, rental and delivery of furnishings, showcasing/styling of the property, then destaging after subjects have been removed (or deposit received). Upon request, we can also offer buyers the option to purchase our inventory along with their new home.


If you are an out of town client or just a little busy, Whistler Staging offer a variety of services (season dependent) to help improve the curb appeal of your home for sale including:

  • Power washing
  • Basic garden tidy up
  • Blowing of driveways and paved services
  • Basic handyman services

Contact us now  for a free estimate! We will gladly visit your property and provide a proposal within 24 hours.